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P.O. Box 6401
The Lakes, NV 88901-6401
Phone: 1-800-950-5114
The Citibank founded in 1812. Our business and savings banking comprises our counseling and balance transaction services to government, corporate, and institutional customers. Control your CitiĀ® card account online--whenever it set you. Safely check your balance, account statement, money payment due date and recent balance transactions.

We provide information for balance transfer credit cards to our clients specially who needs balance transfer include free balance transfer, the APR is nil, and APR may add if you without fault under any card member contract, Your payments will be applied to low APR balances, After your introductory buy or balance transfer APR expires, after you select the standard purchase APR. Clients make daily credit card purchases more important. Citi is serious for our clients account safety and client satisfaction.

  • Every month when I get my account balance statement, Citibank includes details of my balance transfers use my credit card. There's information for this time, year to date, and overall total payments. This system is very helpful for me.

  • I have purchase Citibank Upromise Card. The card give me best features are: No annual fee, automatically credited eligible purchases to your Upromise account, low finance charge plus prime rate. Thank you very, very much.

  • This is a very useful bank and the best choice for me. I have connected this bank credit card for almost seven month and I have not any problems with my deposits in account and monthly statement.

  • The Citi is a unique on any other bank because any balance transfer done several months of opening the account with no percentage for one year and free balance transfer!!! Any staying balance no effect a year to the purchase APR.

  • Identity theft is a scary view process is an excellent for this bank. This bank all products are very best for all peoples. We are great fan with bank and bank employee because they help us any problem to our account.

  • Their site has worked very well for me and my friends. Customer service has been fine on all time and the staff was pretty good, polite occurrence in every time. Online services are great and very speedy for balance transferring facilities.

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